About Us

Ryeco Environmental Consultants, Inc. (REC) provides environmental consulting services to both private, nonprofit and government entities.

Headquartered in Jonesboro, Georgia and with over 17 years of experience in the industry, services provided by REC range from compliance management solutions for our clients in the petroleum industry, sustainable storm water and erosion control management for commercial and residential developers, and progressive conservation plans for both urban and rural farmers.


Ryeco Environmental Consultants, Inc. aims to provide cost-effective and innovative environmental solutions for diverse and emerging businesses and industries.

We are committed to using our knowledge and experience to develop more effective environmental planning and implementation complying with federal and state regulations.


Energy Consultant: Energy consulting and management: ensuring energy management is why we take the time to learn about the intricacies of your business.

Control MonitoringPreventing and controlling wind or water erosion

Storage Tank & Compliance Management: Endorsing the safest storage and handling practices for petroleum industries


Conservation: Planning & Assessment: Evaluating farmland to determine its natural resource challenges and prospective opportunities